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Industrial Automation Cable Solutions
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Industrial Automation Cable Solutions

LTK`s industrial automation cables, including high-flex servo cables, encoder cables, power cables and hook-up wires are widely used in various machinery production and robotic equipment, as well as their control systems for flexible control, internal connection and power transmission. The high-flex type of cables with different functions is particularly suitable for application in cable towline systems, as well as in other frequently reciprocating situations.

Our world-class manufacturing plants with advanced production, research and testing facilities are located in Huizhou and Changzhou in China. The company is devoted to developing and delivering a series of industrial automation cables in compliance with global environmental as well as country specific standards.



Our Team

Possess of professional team with excellent capabilities in product development, deep technical knowledge and experience to produce new cable products for multimedia application.

Our Technology

Allocating advanced facilities in high frequency product laboratory, to deliver high quality product solutions to our valuable customers.

Considerate Arrangement

Appropriate production arrangement to fasten the completion time for numerous customer needs at one time.