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Insulation Extrusion DP1.3 Cables Are Mainly Packed Solid Insulation Layer.
Jul 25, 2018

Insulation extrusion DP1.3 cables are mainly packed solid insulation layer. The main quality key of plastic insulation extrusion is: a. eccentricity: the deviation value of the insulation thickness of extrusion is an important mark reflecting the extrusion process level. B. Smoothness: the surface of the extruded insulation layer shall be smooth, and there shall be no poor quality problems of rough, burnt or impurities on the surface.

For multi-core cables, in order to ensure the molding degree and reduce the appearance of DP1.3 cables, it is generally necessary to twist them into a circle. The mechanism of wringing is similar to that of conductor wringing. Because of its large diameter, most of the wringing joints adopt non-detorsion. Quality key: one is roundness; The other is to prevent the insulation layer from being scratched. Most of the flat DP1.3 cables are completed with the completion of the other two processes at the same time as the cable is formed: one is filling, which ensures the integrity and stability of the flat DP1.3 cables after the cable is formed; One is to bind, to ensure that the core is not loose.

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