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Micro USB2.0 Cable Material
Jul 25, 2018

Microusb2.0 cable material

In a sense, the micro USB2.0 cable manufacturing industry is a material finishing and assembly industry. First, the material consumption is huge, and the material cost of cable products accounts for 80-90% of the total manufacturing cost. Second, there are many kinds and varieties of materials used, and the performance requirements are particularly high. For example, copper for conductors is required to have a purity of more than 99.95%. Third, the selection of materials will have a decisive impact on the manufacturing process, product performance and service life.

At the same time, the benefits of micro USB2.0 cable manufacturing enterprises are also closely related to the selection, processing and production management of materials can save materials scientifically.

Therefore, the design of micro USB2.0 cable products must be carried out at the same time as the selection of materials. Generally, several materials are selected and determined after the screening test of technology and performance.

The materials used for wire and cable products can be divided into conductive materials, insulating materials, filling materials, shielding materials and protective layer materials according to their parts and functions. But some of these materials are common to several structural parts. In particular, thermoplastic materials, such as polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene, can be used in insulation or sheath as long as part of the formula is changed.

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