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Name Of Gold-plated VGA Cable
Jul 25, 2018

Name of gold-plated VGA cable

1. Name of gold-plated VGA cable. Name of gold-plated VGA cable

(1) product applications

(2) structural materials or types of products;

(3) important features or additional features of the product

> conductor > insulation > inner sheath > armor type > outer sheath > additional features > size class name For example, the rated voltage is 300/300v copper core PVC insulated copper wire shielded PVC sheathed soft cable. 2. The model of wire and wire is too long to be written or addressed, so the model is adopted to replace the gold-plated VGA cable as follows: [0: use features] - [1: category, use] [] 2: conductor insulation] [3: [4: inner sheath] [5: structural characteristics] [6: outer covering or derived 0 to 5 in pinyin letters, polymer materials in English name of the first letters, each item can be 1-2 letters; # 6 is 1-3 number. 0 is various special occasions or additional requirements of the use of special markers, in order to highlight the, wrote this down the front.

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