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Small USB2.0 Cables For Transmission Of Electrical (magnetic) Energy
Jul 25, 2018

Small USB2.0 cables for transmission of electrical (magnetic) energy, information and wire products for electromagnetic energy conversion. In a broad sense, the small-sized USB2.0 cable is also referred to as the cable. In a narrow sense, the cable refers to the insulated cable. One or more insulated wire cores, as well as their respective possible cladding, total protection and outer protection layers, may also have additional conductors without insulation.

The vast majority of small USB2.0 cable products are products with exactly the same cross section (cross-section) shape (ignoring the error caused by manufacturing) and long strip shape, which is determined by the characteristics used in the system or equipment as a circuit or coil. Therefore, to study and analyze the structure composition of cable products, we only need to observe and analyze from its cross section.

The structural elements of small USB2.0 cable products can be generally divided into four major structural components: conductor, insulating layer, shielding and protective layer, as well as filling element and tensile element. According to the usage requirement and application situation, some products have very simple structure.

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