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Structure And Materials Of DVI To HDMI Cables
Jul 25, 2018

Structure and materials of DVI to HDMI cables

1. The majority of DVI to HDMI cable products of cable structure are products with the same cross section (cross-section) shape (ignoring the error caused by manufacturing) and long strip shape, which are determined by the characteristics used in the system or equipment as the wiring or coil. Therefore, to study and analyze the structure composition of cable products, we only need to observe and analyze from its cross section. The structural components of DVI to HDMI cable products can be generally divided into four major structural components: conductor, insulating layer, shielding layer and protective layer, as well as filling element and tension element. According to the usage requirement and application situation, some products have very simple structure.

2. Cable materials in a sense, DVI to HDMI cable manufacturing industry is a material precision processing and assembly industry. First, the material consumption is huge, and the material cost of cable products accounts for 80-90% of the total manufacturing cost. Second, there are many kinds and varieties of materials used, and the performance requirements are particularly high. For example, copper for conductors is required to have a purity of more than 99.95%. Third, the selection of materials will have a decisive impact on the manufacturing process, product performance and service life.

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