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Technical Characteristics Of DVI To HDMI Cables
Jul 25, 2018

Technical characteristics of DVI to HDMI cables

1. Structure of DVI to HDMI cable

(1) conductor root number/single wire diameter (2) insulation thickness (3) cable forming, filling, packing belt (4) knitting number/root number/single wire diameter (5) sheath thickness

2. Electrical performance:

(1) direct current resistance of the conductor (2) insulation resistance (3) power frequency spark test voltage (4) power frequency withstand test voltage

3. Mechanical properties

(1) tensile strength and elongation (2) thermal aging performance (3) low temperature resistance (4) flexure performance

4. Special performance

(1) flame retardant performance (2) fire retardant performance (3) waterproof performance

DVI to HDMI cable production process

1. Characteristics of DVI to HDMI cable production process:

(1) production method of continuous superposition of large length: from the beginning of conductor, every process is superimposed layer by layer. The more complex the structure of DVI to HDMI cable, the more layers are added

(2) there are many kinds of production processes and large material flow: involving chemical industry and metal processing

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