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The Basic Process Flow Of VGA Cable Manufacturing Is Different Due To The Different Requirements Of Using Characteristics
Jul 25, 2018

The basic process flow of VGA VGA cable manufacturing is different due to the different requirements of using characteristics, laying occasions and working conditions. The basic structure of VGA cable is generally composed of three parts: conductive wire core, insulating layer and protective layer.

(1) copper and aluminum rod materials commonly used in drawing VGA VGA cable with copper and aluminum single wire are used to reduce the cross section, increase the length and increase the strength of the die by using a wire drawing machine to stretch the die through one or more die holes at room temperature. Drawing is the first process of VGA VGA cable companies. Key points of quality: unqualified size and surface

(2) single wire annealed copper and aluminum single wire can increase the toughness and reduce the strength of single wire by recrystallization when heated to a certain temperature, so as to meet the requirements of VGA VGA cable for conducting wire core. The key to annealing quality is to eliminate oxidation of copper wire.

(3) the wringing of conductors is to improve the softness of VGA VGA cables for easy laying

Installation. The conductive wire core is twisted by multiple single wires. It can be divided into regular hinge and non-regular hinge in the form of hinge. Irregular wringing is also divided into bundle wringing, concentric wringing and special wringing. The quality key is to use wrong single wire specifications, missing number of roots, jumper wire, burrs.

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