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The Design Of 24+1 Dual DVI Cable Products Must Be Carried Out Simultaneously With The Selection Of Materials
Jul 25, 2018

The benefit of DVI cable manufacturer is also closely related to the selection, processing and production management of materials. Therefore, the design of 24-+ 1 dual DVI cable products must be carried out simultaneously with the selection of materials. Generally, several kinds of materials are selected, which are determined through process and performance screening tests. The materials used for DVI cable products can be divided into conductive materials, insulating materials, protective materials, shielding materials and filling materials according to their use locations and functions. But some of these materials are common to several structural parts. In particular, thermoplastic materials, such as polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene, can be used in insulation or sheath as long as part of the formula is changed. The materials used in the production of 24-+ 1 dual DVI cable products involve a wide range of categories, with a particular variety of specifications (brand number).

Name and material of product structure

Traverse wire is the most basic and essential component for the information transmission function of current or electromagnetic wave. Main materials: wire is short for conductive wire core. It is made of copper, aluminum, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum and other non-ferrous metals with excellent conductive properties. Bare copper wire and tinned wire; Single branch and twisted wire; Stranded and tinned wire. The insulating layer is the component which is covered around the periphery of the wire and plays the role of electrical insulation. That is, it can ensure that the current or electromagnetic wave and light wave can only travel along the wire without flowing out. The potential on the conductor (i.e., the potential difference formed on the surrounding objects, i.e., the voltage) can be isolated.

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