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Usb3.0 A to B Cable Product Structure Name And Materials
Jul 25, 2018

Usb3.0 A to B cable product structure name and materials

(1) wire: the most basic and essential main component for the transmission of current or electromagnetic wave information of the product.

Main materials: wire is short for conductive wire core. It is made of copper, aluminum, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum and other non-ferrous metals with excellent conductive properties.

Bare copper wire and tinned wire; Single branch and twisted wire; Stranded and tinned wire.

(2) insulation layer: it is a component that is covered around the periphery of the wire and plays the role of electrical insulation. That is, it can ensure that the current or electromagnetic wave and light wave can only travel along the wire without flowing out. The potential on the conductor (i.e., the potential difference formed on the surrounding objects, i.e., the voltage) can be isolated. Conductors and insulators are the two basic components that are necessary for the construction of cable products (except naked wires).

Main materials: PVC, PE, XLPE, PP, F, rubber, paper, mica tape

Filling structure (3) : a lot of wire and cable products are multicore, these or insulated wire core line to cabling (or grouping many cabling), one is the shape is not round, the second is insulated wire core is a large gap between, so you must add filling structure when cabling, filling structure is relatively rounded in order to make the cable diameter for package, sheath.

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