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What Is DP Cable Used For Transmission Of Electric Energy
Jul 25, 2018

overview of DP cable

1. What is DP cable used for transmission of electric energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion? 2. There is no clear boundary, which is commonly known as 2. DP cables are classified into three categories:

(1) power DP cables -- DP cables used in the power system mainly include overhead naked wires, power cables, and DP cables for electrical equipment, etc.

(2) communication DP cables -- -- -- the DP cables used in the information transmission system mainly include local telephone cables, television cables, electronic cables, radio frequency cables, optical fiber cables, data cables, or other composite cables.

(3) electromagnetic wire -- used to realize electromagnetic energy conversion of cables, enameled wire, silk wire. According to DP cable industry, there are five categories:

(4) bare wire -- pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheath layer, such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, electric locomotive wire, etc., soft ground wire.

(5) power cables -- insulated, armored and protected (under five cores, with complex structure). The products are mainly used for the transmission of strong electric power in the transmission, distribution, transmission, transformation and power supply lines, with large current (tens to thousands of amps) and high voltage (220V to 500kV and above).

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