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High Frequency Cable Solutions 


To meet today’s development trend of technology industry for ever faster, smaller, and more integrated electronic goods,Linkworld always try our best to keeps the pace of market trend to deliver various kinds of multimedia cables such as USB 3.1, HDMI2.0,DP1.4,Fiber Optic HDMI cable etc for a comprehensive solution for smart home applications, smart phone, pads and handheld equipments.


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Automotive Cable Solutions

To ensure the vehicle in safety, consistence, smoothly run, Linkworld always try our best to deliver high quality, durable and stable performed cables for all parts of connections including coaxial cables, antenna wires, infotainment cables such as HDMI, LVDS, USB cables, and automotive wire harnesses in US,Japanese and German standard.

As a professional eco-cable products manufacturer,Linkworld put no less effort for developing electric vehicle (EV) products to support the market and aftermarket.Our products acquire UL, Dekra,CQC certificates with compliance of RoHS, REACH etc standard.

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windex_img44.jpgIndustrial Cable Solutions 

Linkworld industrial cables, including high-flex servo cables, encoder cables, wire harnesses are widely used in various machinery production and robotic equipment, as well as their control systems for flexible control, internal connection and power transmission. The high-flex type of cables with different functions is particularly suitable for application in cable towline systems, as well as in other frequently reciprocating situations. 

Linkworld has very reliable and stable supplier chain to supply the connectors like JST,Molex,Tyco,Sumitomo,Hirose,Wurth etc with quick response,fast turnaround time and flexible moq service.Our manufacturing plants with advanced production,research and testing facilities are located in DongGuan and JiangXi can support you reliable quality cables.

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Security Cable Solutions


Linkworld Industrial provides complete security interconnectivity solutions for customers.We are committed to integrating supply chain to offer customers the most competitive solutions and high quality of service.

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